[About us] Publishing agency 'Med Mass Media', journals 'Allergology' and 'Cytokines & Inflammation', medical books and medical equipment, prices

[About us] Publishing agency 'Med Mass Media', journals 'Allergology' and 'Cytokines & Inflammation', medical books and medical equipment, prices

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Welcome to homepage of publishing agency " MedMassMedia"!

We are glad to introduce our web-site. We recommend you to use 1024x768x16bit or higher display resolution if you could.

Our publishing agency was found in 1998. Our major activities related to medicine:

  • publishing of Russian periodical journal "Allergology";
  • publishing of scientific-popular literature;
  • hosting the conferences and symposiums;
  • retail trade of medical equipment.

High-qualified specialists could perform even the most difficult tasks in different fields of medicine.

We could also develope individual style for your company and produce booklets and posters for you.

Publishing agency "MedMassMedia" owns and publishes journal "Allergology". This journal is popular among specialists in Russia and other countries.

The journal is intended for physicians and introduces leading articles in allergology and related fields, new methods of treatment and prophylaxis of allergic diseases, farmacological and non-medicamental methods of treatment. Advertisement in our journal allows advertised companies(including Schering-Plough, Glaxo Wellcome, Merkle Gmbx, Hexal and Schering) to significantly raise their sales.

Polygraphy remains another field of our business activity. We publish booklets, calendars, flyers, posters and other represenational accesories. Our agency is able to develop unique style for you, according to the image of your company.

Also we could develop and support a WEB-site of your company.

Agency "Med Mass Media" could offer following services to your company and your partners:

  • Place your advertisement in the journal "Allergology" or other
  • Develop unique style and logotype for your company
  • Develop and produce accidential production - visiting cards, calendars, pens, trinkets and streamers, designed in the firm's own style.
  • Prepare and host conferences and symposia. We have experienced specialists and unique databases.
  • New ways of financing your orders, finding potential buyers or manufacturers of named production.
  • Develop and support a company's Web-server, including advertising on the Web.

Publishing agency "Med Mass Media" was registered in 1998.
Publishing licence: LP №000069, 21th of January, 1999.

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